Andronicus | 5 Tips on How To Unleash Your Inner Creativity
Everyone has their own inner-creativity; it’s time to squeeze it up!
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5 Tips on How To Unleash Your Inner Creativity

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5 Tips on How To Unleash Your Inner Creativity

We all have those days when how much we try to squeeze our brain for good ideas still there’s no to squeeze. You just want to bang your head on your table or laptop because or irritation of not having creative ideas. It happens to most of us. There’s no one in the world that’s unsusceptible to creativity lockdown syndrome. Okay, calm down before you blast out and walk out of your office to go home and just cry on your bed because of frustration, we’ll give you some tips to help you deal with it.

I, myself also experienced this and because if it I learned some ways to overcome with it. I’ve listed down some tips for you to get you back on the game.

1. Take a short break
Take this one as a literal break. Like stand up, go to the balcony and breath some fresh air. Drink a cup of water or even have coffee to wake those brain cells! Inhale and exhale. Refresh your mind. And when the ideas are slowly entering your head, go get a pen and a paper to list the creative ideas down.

2. Booze up!
Here’s an interesting fact, did you know that most remarkable writers and artists are legendary drunk? Yes, it’s true. That’s because an alcoholic drink actually lowers inhibitions, unleashing your inner wildness. But of course, it’s not allowed to drink in the office.
But! I’ve found out that a teaspoon of liquor could actually loosen you up without destroying your reputation. Maybe it’s because of the aroma and taste in your mouth.

3. The 5- minute magic
This one is for the ones who are experiencing creativity-lost due to low self- esteem, jealousy, fear or failure. Try getting a piece of paper and a pen and just draw anything, or write anything, anything that comes up on your mind. Getting a visual image of your emotions can free up the blocked energy that hid your good ideas.

4. Get an inspiration
If you have an inspiration that you look up to, you can check them out. Like going to their website or blogs or social media. Look at their art and profile fro you to be inspired.

5. Don’t get too overwhelmed
Having big projects can be really overwhelming. But at least try your very best not to. Make an organize list of the things you should prioritize. Focus on your goals. If you need help from others, then ask. There’s nothing wrong in asking for help.


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