Andronicus | How to Overcome Your Fear in Speaking in Front of Many People
These 5 tips will help you overcome your fear in public speaking.
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How to Overcome Your Fear in Speaking in Front of Many People

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How to Overcome Your Fear in Speaking in Front of Many People

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              Most of us has this fear of speaking in front of many people whether you are professional or still a student. I understand that’s it’s really frightening to go public speaking. You are afraid that you might eat your words while speaking, saying the wrong things or even have a mental block about your presentation.

Some very serious conditions such as this is called, “Glossophobia”; this condition is when a person gets too nervous in speaking in front of a lot people leading them into having nausea or panic attacks which very alarming.

Here are some ways for people who’s experiencing this kind of fear. Remember, you’re a strong person you can overcome this.

  1. It’s about your content

Keep in mind that no matter what happens, the most important thing that you’ll need to do is to present your content. It’s not about you, it’s about what your content. Just show them your work and then it’s done. It will be done soon.

  1. It’s your work; you know it very well

Remember that the content in your presentation is well-known by you and only you. This should make you confident. People are depending on you. They want to learn from you.

  1. No one’s perfect

Even the most influential man makes mistake, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It’s fine. No one will remember your mistake. Being a normal human being means not being perfect.

  1. Your audiences are just normal people

The people who will watch you are just like you. I’m pretty sure that most of them also have the fear of speaking in public. You should be applauding for yourself because you’ve got the courage to overcome your fear and believed in yourself.

  1. Stay focused on what you want

Staying focused on your goals will surely make you more confident. When you think about the reasons why you’re doing it, you’ll be more determined to finish it. Your goals and dreams are your inspiration.

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